RoundHouse Rules

We are not summer camp with a rigid schedule. All activities are optional. However, we hope you will enjoy the selection of activities available.

This is a family week. We are not camp counselors. You are responsible for your children during activities as well as free times. Please require your children to keep curfew (this means to be in your lodging area at designated times). Moms who come without husbands can easily recruit help. Volunteers are ready and willing.

  • Please observe the following requirements:
    *North Carolina health standards PROHIBIT PETS in Bonclarken buildings (seeing eye dogs and companion dogs are permitted).
    *12:00a.m. – 7:00a.m. Quiet time. Please require your children to keep curfew (in your lodging area at designated times).
    *conserve energy and water wherever possible
    *Please observe the posted speed limits. The streets are also the sidewalks.
    *no boomboxes
    *no fireworks, firearms, skateboards, rollerskates, rollerblades, scooters
    *bicycles are permitted but INSURANCE REQUIRES bicycle riders must wear protective headgear.
    *no profanity, tobacco, alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs
  • Please do not bring: teeshirts advertising alcohol, tobacco, gambling, any musical groups; shorts; sleeveless and tanktops; spaghetti straps; low necklines; bare midriffs; short skirts/dresses, or tight form-fitting clothes, and such like. We strive for an atmosphere where all are able to keep their minds pure and spiritually focused. The RH Board does not desire to be a modesty police force. We prayerfully request your help. 1 Thess. 4:1-8.
  • Bonclarken Conference Center and RoundHouse Board Members and Staff will be held harmless for all injuries, damages, and losses arising out of all activities and any situations created on the premises by the user and/or members of their groups. BCC & RoundHouse will not be responsible for stolen or lost items nor damage to vehicles. Facility users enter and bring all personal items, equipment, and vehicles onto BCC premises at their own risk. BCC is covered by an accidental insurance program while on the grounds. If injuries occur, please notify the Bonclarken Office immediately.