September 24th - 29th, 2023

Academic Theme for 2023 - Occupational Skills
Bible Theme - 2 Samuel

Registration Opens July 1st

Here are the price changes for RH 2023

Memorial Hall (Single Room) $48.00
Memorial Hall (Suite) $74.00
The Lodge $75.00
Faith Apartments $96.00
Janeen Cottage $113.00
Bigger Lodge $40.00
Minister's Apartments $77.00
White Oak Cottage $113.00
Agape Cottage $113.00
Founders South $75.00
Single Bed Only
Campground (Tent) $9.00
Campground (RV w/o sewer) $16.00
Campground (RV w sewer) $20.00
Campground (adult) $6.00
Campground (child) $4.00
Heidelburg (Room) $48.00
Heidelburg (Suite) $74.00

Tue.-Thur. Supper (Child) $7.50
Tue.-Thur. Supper (Adult) $14.75
Meals are only being offered for the evening and we must still have 30 or more to have them provide those meals.
Age range between child and adult for meals, campground, etc. remain the same as in previous years. 

Zipline and climbing tower fees are not changing. 

Vendor fees remain the same.

Registration fees remain the same.
"Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it." - Proverbs 22:6

RoundHouse is an annual home school fellowship for members of the church of Christ

From aspiration to reality.

Can I Homeschool? How will I get started? Who can help? These questions and more have been asked for years. The faithful Christians who attend RoundHouse are a great place for you to start! You don't even have to be actively homeschooling yet to attend!

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Each year includes an educational theme and a biblical theme.

Just like your homeschool, our time at RoundHouse is focused on learning and family.

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