Bible Bowl (8 – 18 years of age)



Junior Bible Bowl (for younger ages, taught by ladies)

Adventure Activities

You must sign an adult or child release form for these activities.

Adventure Activities are on a first come first serve basis.  We are obligated to pay Bonclarken for all who are scheduled

Climbing Tower ($10/person/day)

Any age can climb as long as the harness fits correctly. 

The scheduled time for the tower is Tuesday from 12:55-4:15 P.M.

Zip Line ($10/person/day)

Participants climb to a platform where a trained staff member clips them to a zipline pulley. From the platform, there is an exciting ride along the cable that provides an excellent aerial view of our recreation areas. Our new zipline is a dual zipline, so participants can side-by-side zip with a friend. All adventure activities are conducted with the utmost attention to safety. All necessary equipment such as harnesses, carabineers, lobster claw clips, helmets, and ropes are provided, managed, fitted, and set up by our trained and experienced staff.

The zip line is available on Wednesday from 12:55-4:15 p.m.

* Minimum requirements: 8 years of age and must be able to fit into our harnesses– NO special rigging can be allowed. Individuals weighing more than 250 lbs. and women who are pregnant may not participate in the zip line due to safety concerns.


Free Sporting Activities:

These sporting activities are available both on and off the schedule for use by anyone attending RoundHouse. 

Disc Golf
Ga-Ga Ball
Tennis Courts
Basketball courts 
Arena Soccer Field


Map of Bonclarken Facilities