What is Disc Golf?
Disc golf (a.k.a., frisbee golf) is played similarily to ball golf except a disc (frisbee) is thrown from a tee area toward a basket. The goal is to complete a round (18 holes) with the fewest number of throws possible. A hole is completed once the disc has dropped into the basket. Etiquette and rules are also similar to ball golf. Disc golf is an easy sport to learn but a difficult one to master. A primary advantage of disc golf over ball golf is the cost to begin and play the sport. For about the cost of one or two rounds of ball golf, a disc golf starter set can be purchased (and used indefinitely). There are typically no fees to play disc golf since the courses are generally located in public parks. The minimal cost makes it a great individual or family sport for any budget, and with the growth of the sport in recent years there are an increasing number of places to play.

A Brief History of Disc Golf at Roundhouse
In 2006, Bob Knox conducted some training sessions at Bonclarken introducing many Roundhousers to the sport of disc golf. A training session for disc golf is now a standard part of the Roundhouse schedule. A tournament, open to all interested participants, is also held each year on Thursday afternoon.

Roundhouse Tournament Champions
2016 - David Heck
2015 - David Heck
2014 - David Heck
2013 - Nathan Cozort
2012 - Jerry Leonard
2011 - Nathan Cozort
2010 - Jerry Leonard
2009 - Herman Wine
2008 - Herman Wine
2007 - Stephen Bradd

Roundhouse Course Record at Bonclarken--Singles
45 -- David Heck (2015)

Roundhouse Course Record at Bonclarken--Best Position Doubles
43 -- Nathan Cozort & David Heck (2016)

Roundhouse Course Record at Bonclarken--Singles using only 1 disc
50 -- Nathan Cozort (2013)

Roundhouse Hole-in-One Club
Herman Wine -- 2 (Holes #8 & #16)
Stephen Bradd -- 1 (Hole #3)
Nathan Cozort -- 1 (Hole #5)

Helpful Websites - The Professional Disc Golf Association website contains much valuable information for novices, pros, and everyone in between. - Visit this page to locate the nearest disc golf course to you. - A great place to research and buy discs